Thursday, March 22, 2007

weekly post from March 18, 2007

Hello friends & loved ones,

It's been a weird few weeks. This is the first email I've written in a while because I've been so depressed. I had noticed myself getting sadder and sadder for a few weeks and then finally I was crying all the time, took no pleasure in anything and just wanted to sleep all of the time. I don't know if it was the weather, my job, other stresses or everything but I was in a real funk. I knew something was seriously wrong when I barely got excited while watching the Academy Awards. I went to the doctor and was put on medication and taken out of work for a couple of weeks and, hopefully, I'll be on the upswing soon.

I discovered something about myself today that I wasn't even aware of. Someone at church asked me how I was and I told them I had not been in a good place and I just wanted to blurt everything out; I didn't. I left it at that and I don't even know why I didn't blurt everything out. Maybe I didn't want to burden that person; maybe I think that, as the pastor's spouse, I have to be this tower of strength. I'm not exactly sure what that was about but I think it's something worth examining and working on. I want to thank those of you who mentioned that they missed my weekly email, especially you Sherri.

Want more proof: If you still aren't convinced that the GLBT community is everywhere; here's one for you. I was watching some of Valerie Plame Wilson's testimony to the Committee Of Oversight And Government Reform this past week and saw something surprising. (Valerie Plame Wilson was the covert CIA operative who whose cover was blown almost four years ago; Scooter Libby was recently convicted of lying about his knowledge of her role as an operative.) During the testimony there was a man in drag with a pink hat, pink vest coat and a pink shirt with the words Impeach Bush. At one point, the woman/man ducked down and then popped back up with a pink crown on her head. Now if that doesn't scream queen then I don't know what does. It was very funny. Both Jim and I got a kick out of it. The woman was a transvestite Code Pink protester and she also made several signals (no clue what they were supposed to mean) with her hands.

Well, the sun is finally starting to come out more often and hopefully we've had our last snowstorm. I wish you each peace and blessings. Pray for each other as I pray for you.

Until next week: Stay safe, stay happy, and stay healthy.


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