Saturday, March 08, 2008

weekly post from March 1, 2008

Hello friends & loved ones,

Before I got my job as a script writer, I really had no excuse not to write an email every week. Now, I have the perfect excuse: "I write every single day, why would I want to write on the weekends, too?" Yes, it would be all too easy for me to use that excuse but I find it's good for me to write on the weekend. Besides, I can write whatever I want to instead of being limited to making it relevant to a heating/cooling company. By the way, the most difficult clients are dentists/periodontists and the easiest are schools/colleges.

I had a "freak out" moment this past week in which I was skittish and every sound literally made me jump. I hadn't been that scared since my life was threatened during my first year of college. The situation was that someone, whom I was trying to distance myself, was in some legal trouble and I vacillated between being concerned and not wanting to be dragged into the situation. It got me thinking, is there a fine line between being a Christian and thinking about yourself?

Some would say that yes, there is a fine line but I don't agree. I think one can be Christian and still look out for oneself. I can be concerned about someone and yet still not want to be a part of that person's life. It would be different if there were something I could do for that person but there's not and being in that person's life would be a detriment to the life I'm trying to live. That's the key! One must weigh the detriment.

So, I sit here, hoping that things will turn out well while living the best life I possibly can. That, ultimately, is what it boils down to. None of us is perfect and mistakes are imminent but as long as we have truth and faith we will be alright.



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