Friday, June 26, 2009

It's too BAD that his life took such a weird turn.
Like a THRILLER with a bizarre and unsatisfying ending. People all around the world are saying to him and his music that I JUST CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU.
He was a man WITH A CHILD'S HEART who just wanted to be HAPPY.
He was OFF THE WALL and implored us to DON'T STOP 'TIL YOU GET ENOUGH.
And as I look at the reflection of myself, my own MAN IN THE MIRROR, I know he had his eccentricities and imperfections but realize it should not take away from the fact that this man whose music and passion made him a force of HUMAN NATURE. And now his spirit is GONE TOO SOON. I can REMEMBER THE TIME when he transcended the notion of BLACK OR WHITE and I still hear his music as he tried to JAM(med) with a LIBERIAN GIRL and SCREAM(ed) about his CHILDHOOD. Very well do I recall the famed white glove and that incredible moonwalk as he sang about how he was going to HEAL THE WORLD and telling people YOU ARE NOT ALONE because WE ARE (part of) THE WORLD. As I grew up, his music was just ANOTHER PART OF ME, a soundtrack to my life. And now, though his spirit was taken like a SMOOTH CRIMINAL in the night, now Michael as you EASE ON DOWN THE ROAD towards the light, may you realize you'll always have ONE MORE CHANCE to get it right as your music lives on forever. And for those haters...I SAY SAY SAY what? I'll tell ya to BEAT IT because I do WANNA BE STARTIN' SOMETHIN' wit you. He may have been weird but his music is timeless. So, GIRLFRIEND, just LEAVE ME ALONE as I crank up DIRTY DIANA, hear about BILLIE JEAN and her kid yet again and pay no mind that SOMEBODY'S WATCHING ME shake my booty. The King of Pop is gone and though there AIN'T NO SUNSHINE today, it IS A BRAND NEW DAY. We know Michael it's true when you say I'LL BE THERE. You have GOT TO BE THERE! WILL YOU BE THERE tomorrow. Yes, your music will be and it will be just the MUSIC AND ME-GET IT? Good then put BEN down, shake the BUTTERFLIES out and go get some BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR.


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cine522 said...

That was an awesome tribute!