Wednesday, February 01, 2012

New poem: Unconditional


I loved you…unconditionally

I was devoted to you…completely

I was faithful to you…totally.

I made a sacrifice in order to maintain your happiness,

It grandly backfired and caused me to burn.

Now I’m sitting here lonely and missing you

It seems my gesture has caused me to lose my turn.

You doubted my unconditional love, and, yet,

whenever I kissed those luscious lips and gazed into those erotic eyes,

you had to have felt the incredible power of my love for you

loved that enticed you to enter a world that was full of surprise.

You intently focus on the pain I so greatly caused,

the lies, the secrets, the untruths and the heartache.

What’s missing is the pain I so often felt; the slights I was shown

and the feelings those things caused me; they made my heart break.

Now it’s over and we’re both out of the other’s life

It’s an empty, cold and lonely existence I feel now.

I’m wishing you nothing but good and happiness in life

And knowing I will someday heal but have no idea how.

I miss you so much more than you could ever, ever know

The promise I made to you that day will never be left behind;

No matter where I am or who I happen to end up with

My unconditional love for you will always stand the test of time.

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