Saturday, June 30, 2007

AA vacation, Day 2, Part 2

This evening Jim and I took a wildlife tour. Another jeep ride and more off road fun. We did get to see some deer mule (they have really long ears, kind of like a mule, hence the name). We also saw some elk. Sadly no bobcats or mountain lions. But we did see a jack rabbit. At one point, the first time I saw a deer mule, I yelled out, "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!" It was very similar to what Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter sounded like. Everyone got a big kick out of that and from time to time someone would yell, "Ooh, ooh, ooh!" Jim and I have decided that we really like off-roading. The vehicles certainly take a beating every day. At the end of the tour, the moon had started rising in the east while the sun was still setting in the west. The moon at one end and the sun still up on the other end. Then it just so happened last night was a full moon and the sight of the moon with the huge mountains and rock formations in the distance was incredibly beautiful. Don't worry I'll post some pics. Just wanted to keep you all updated.

According to one of the guides, celebrities that either visit Sedona or have homes there include Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn, Al Pacino, Ted Danson, and John Travolta.

By the way, after both adventures Jim and I were covered in dust and dirt. We both ran a finger along our faces and the dirt was at least an inch thick. Our clothes and hair too had dust in it. It's really amazing how these guides do this every single day. Dust bowl indeed!!!!!!

One really disheartening thing is that even in the picturesque hills and back roads of Sedona, Arizona, one can find a Busch beer can and discarded Wendy's container. There was really a lot of trash in some areas. People camp there and have no regard for nature. It's really appalling. And since, according to the guides, it hasn't rained in two-and-a-half months there are signs everywhere saying, 'No Campfires.'

Tomorrow I'll be horseback riding. I'm definitely going to get some pics of that. Jim has decided not to go with me so he'll probably stay at the hotel and do some laundry. And I thought I was the homebody.



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