Friday, June 29, 2007

Amazing Arizona vacation, Day 2

Our second day in beautiful Sedona started out with a continental breakfast. We then sat down with the concierge to decide which activities we wanted to do while we were here. The horseback riding that I wanted to do is still up in the air. This morning we had a 3 and a half hour Sacred Wheel Tour. This tour was a tour of some of the most remote places in the desert in Sedona and Coconino National Forest It was my first time ever in a jeep and it was only Jim, myself and the guide. He took us on some of the most rugged dirt roads I've ever seen. Huge rocks jutting up from the ground. We drove down and drove up these roads. It was quite bouncy at times and totally wild. During the tour we even saw a road runner. They really do move the way the cartoon road runner moves; very fast and agile. They aren't quite as big; in fact I was surprised how small it was.

The mountains and rock wheel we saw were amazing. A rock wheel is just stones in the ground in the shape of a circle. Jim and I were both asked to walk around the wheel three times and then stop on one spot. That spot was supposed to correlate to where we were in our lives right now; and it did. Jim stopped in the NW part of the circle and I stopped exactly North. The guide was very informative and when we were at the top of one mountain (4000) feet up he played a flute song as Jim and I took in this natural wonder in Arizona.

We just finished lunch at Judi's. Yes, we went back and it was still fabulous. This evening we are going on a safari tour to see some of the wild animals. I don't have the cord to download pics with me but I will be putting them up as soon as we return. It's a wonderful 101 degrees in Sedona right now as we settle in for a quick nap.



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