Sunday, September 02, 2007

weekly post from August 31, 2007

Hello my friends & loved ones,

I feel great!!!!!!! One of my favorite commercials growing up was the Frosted Flakes commercial in which Tony the Tiger ended the commercial saying, "They're GREAT!!!!!" Anyway, I just wanted to start the email off on a positive note.

***MOVIE SPOILER ALERT*** I watched the movie Perfect Stranger this past week with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. Not a great film but a good performance by Berry; the film tried to be this clever thriller but fell flat and didn't work for me. At the end, however, when it is revealed that Berry, not Willis, was the culprit all along I thought, 'She's going to get away with murder, isn't she?' And sure enough she did. It's not the typical Hollywood movie in which the bad guy/girl gets their comeuppance at the end; it's more the kind of film one might watch with subtitles in which the good guys all die and the bad guy rides off into the sunset.

America is obsessed with the happy ending; we even have a meal that's happy. We want everything to work out in the end and everyone to be alright and safe and cozy at home. That's not a bad thing but it just doesn't happen like that. Life is messy and sometimes the innocent get executed while the guilty roam around sipping pina coladas on some island. I'm not saying that we should all be fearful of the next moment; instead I'm saying that we should all live life as if our own lives depended on it. Don't walk around in a cocoon; don't think that everything single thing is going to be alright; don't think that mess won't touch you. Enjoy yourself and those that you love. Surround yourself with goodness and positive thoughts. Don't let anyone bring you down (you may do that to yourself enough as it is). Treasure what you have and what you have to give. And remember next time you see the "happily ever after" movie you can smile as you are walking out of the theater but don't be fooled.

Until next time: Stay happy, stay healthy, and stay safe.



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