Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Idol recap

I don't usually write about the American Idol results show but this week's show was more of a shocker than that time that Karen came out as a prostitute on One Life To Live.

The week's theme was Broadway Week with Suh Andrew Lloyd Webber and the six finalists sang their hearts out; well, some of them, anyway.

Jason "dreads" Castro is so boring I'm surprised he is able to stay awake while he's singing; let alone keeping others awake. He sang "Memory" and sings the exact same way every single week.

Brooke "stop the show for me" White royally screwed up (and not just when she forgot the lyrics and started over) the song "You Must Love Me." If only Madonna had been in the house to show this chick how it's done.

The bottom two in the results show wasn't the above two by far weakest singers of the bunch. No, instead it was Carly "Jesus Christ Superstar" Smithson and Syesha "One Rock 'N Roll Too Many" Mercado. One rocked the house and one got her vixen on.

I can't believe these two talents were in the bottom two and Carly actually got the boot. This Irish lass better cut a record soon. Was America on drugs on Tuesday night? Did they all forget which buttons on the phone to push? Did they all suffer from dyslexsia?

Jim and I were both shocked and have vowed from now on, when we're home, to vote!

Next week we'll have to suffer through another dull-as-dishwater Brooke song and another sung-from-the-dorm-room soft ballad of dreads, um, Jason.

Until next week....



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