Thursday, April 03, 2008

Remembering the "Dream": 40 years ago, today, one of the greatest speakers and advocates of minorities' rights was assassinated. And 40 years later, the question is asked, what would he be doing now and what would he have done had he lived? The question, asked about the great Martin Luther King Jr, has a purely speculative answer. King biographer David J. Garrow says that the 79-year-old King would be speaking out against the Iraq war. Garrow also believes that King would not have chosen to run for elective office. That, in my opinion, seems right since in 1967, when King was being courted to run for President on a third-party ticket, King ultimately decided his calling was outside of the political stage.

King is still missed and quoted and given props for the challenging speeches he made in reference to the rights of African-Americans.

Rest in peace, brother.


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