Friday, May 09, 2008

"Rubbing in the court: Here's one for the books...Judge Elizabeth Halverson, a district judge in Nevada, has been banned from her court, suspended from her bench and being brought up on judicial misconduct charges. Among the charges: Abusing her positions, treating her staff like her personal servants, tainting juries and falling asleep on the bench.

The obese judge, who uses a motorized scooter to travel around, allegedly made her bailiff put her shoes on her feet, massage her back, cover her up for naps and fill up her oxygen tank. She also supposedly asked, "Do you want to worship me from near or afar?"

Halverson also travelled with her own security guards because she didn't trust the ones at the courthouse and improperly met with jurors during several sexual assault cases thereby causing mistrials.

Wow this lady makes Judge Judy sound like Minnie Mouse.



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