Monday, May 12, 2008

Sorting Survivor

The 16th season of Survivor was in fact one of the most exciting and riveting yet. Watching the finale last night, I wasn't surprised that Parvati (whose last name is ironically Shallow) won the game or that Cirie was not in the top 2 but that with an 8 member jury, there wasn't a tie vote. Now that would have been exciting. Can I get a re-vote or how about a colored rock.

Three survivors (2 of them favorites) had to leave the island due to various injuries. Luckily, evil Jonathan was one of them; although I think I would have chosen him over "black widow" Natalie.

Poor Jason thought he had the immunity idol but it turned out to be a fake (thanks to Ozzy's wonderful artistry) and then when he did get the real idol, he did the same thing HIS idol Ozzy did; he didn't play it at tribal council. Jason I can understand but Ozzy not playing it when HE had it? Come on, man. And just when I was starting to like him. Not only that but early on all of the strong and buff men were unceremoniously booted off. This was clearly a season for brains and not brawn. And speaking of brawn, fireman Joel was kicked off before pageant coach Chet, who just happened to be gay.

But the dumbest Survivor ever, by far, is now Erik. Gravedigger James was once the dumbest when he had, not one, but two immunity idols and didn't play either one of them. Erik became the dumbest by believing four wily women that he would be safe if he would just give the immunity idol to Natalie. He did and was swiftly voted out. And in a Survivor first, four women were left standing with not a man in sight. And another record comes thanks to this season's 2nd place winner, Amanda Kimmel. By being in back-to-back seasons, she scored a record 78 straight days on an island. By the way, she came in third in last season's China round.

This was a great season and I'm glad I've stuck by this show for the last 8 years. I proudly give season 16 an A (minus the plus because, though I understand how she won, I didn't like it).

I hope season 17 in Gabon can keep the up the revitalization.



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