Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More controversy from China

It's beginning to look like the Beijing Games are going to be synonymous with inflammatory controversy. A new ad for a Spanish courier company shows the Spanish Olympic basketball team posing for the picture while making their eyes slanted. The photo, (shown on the left) taken before the games began, appears at first glance to be racist not to mention childish but dig a little deeper and the story gets more interesting. The ad is sponsored by the Spanish courier company Seur but Spain's team is also sponsored by the Li-Ning Footwear company...which is a Chinese company. The company was founded by Li-Ning who was lifted along the top of the Beijing National Stadium during the finale of the Opening Ceremony.

Racist or not, it would appear that perhaps the players should have left well enough alone or perhaps we should all just stop looking to be offended and get on with our lives.



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