Sunday, August 03, 2008

Radio Raves

Who says there's nothing good on the radio?

Here are three songs I'm really enjoying on the radio; satellite and regular.

Katy Perry's fun and anthemic "I Kissed A Girl". Set to a pounding beat to lyrics such as "I kissed a girl and I liked, hope my boyfriend don't mind it." this hit song (which has been #1 on billboard for several weeks now) is summer pop fun at its best. The 24-year-old grew up with two pastors for parents and clearly has been itching to "rebel" for some time now. This is a great song but I'm waiting for the male version of it. Come on, we all know men like to see two women going at it but what about a guy-on-guy (but it's just for fun) song?

Another song I'm enjoying is the song "Fall For You" by Secondhand Serenade. It's one of those emo-pop ballads that are all over the radio anymore but this one stands out because singer John Vessely's voice is so plaintive and clear and because the song talks about "the perfect love" and falling for that love all over again like it was the first day. And this is not a group, it's a solo act much like Five For Fighting was (it was singer John Ondrasik).

The third song I'd like to mention is a song by the group O.A.R. I had heard of them before but they never stood out to me until now. They've had six studio albums and this group from Maryland has a hit right now with the song "Shattered." This "I-can't-leave-you-no-matter-how-many-times-I-try" song is upbeat with the sadness that is apparent in any great alt-pop song.

One other song I like is yet another ballad by Leona Lewis. The follow-up to her #1 hit Bleeding Love is called Better In Time. It's all about how losing love (break-up, death, disappearance?...doesn't matter) and how at first we may think we've done something to deserve the loss but ultimately we move on and learn to live again though the pain is always there. Lewis's whole album is good in fact. Don't have it? Go out and buy it...NOW!!!

Anyway, that's what I'm enjoying and crank it up every time one of those songs comes on. Oh, and by the way, Lindsay Lohan is gay. Great! She ranks right up there with Cynthia Nixon, Heaher Matarazzo, Portia de Rossi and Jane Lynch. Yeah right. Actually, Lohan isn't that bad of an actress. Now if only she could clean up her reputation.



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