Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stop that chair...

A 45-year old man in a wheelchair was arrested in Florida last week after allegedly robbing a Space Coast Credit Union. The guy managed to wheel a whole block before being captured by police.

Christopher Reed, a paraplegic, entered the credit union and demanded money and saying he was armed with an explosive device (insert your own joke here).

After being captured, Reed told police that two men forced him to commit the robbery and that he had given the money to the men but eyewitnesses said Reed was the sole culprit and the money was found in Reed's prosthetic leg. Also found; a bottle of vodka in his motorized chair.

What I want to know is how in the world did he get out of the bank in the first place? Is his chair really that fast? And who held the door for him? Did people actually see the explosive device or did they just take his word for it? So many questions that will probably never be answered, alas!

Now Reed will be in jail and he'll have all that he needs: Food, water, exercise, entertainment...

Have a great day.


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