Wednesday, November 05, 2008

weekly post from November 1, 2008

Hello friends & loved ones,

It's been a very weird week weather wise. We actually had some snowflakes in the chilly air this past week and yet today it's sunny and in the high 60's...Welcome to Western, NY weather; one day you could be in short sleeves and shorts and the next in your winter coat.

I've been in an introspective mood this week and I've been thinking a lot about love this past week and how we love certain people but want nothing to do with others. Two people can be exactly the same and yet we love one and can't imagine loving the other (for whatever reason). I've always maintained that I'm shallow when it comes to my first reaction to meeting or seeing someone. Yes, I do look at the physical appearance first and then everything else follows. Of course, what does follows is even more important...truth, morals, kindness, sensitivity, spontaneity, a zest for life, humor, humility, relaxed, strong Christian values and ability to life at the absurdity of life. It's puzzling what draws two people together and even more puzzling why two people who were so hot and heavy for each other can a month later be at each other's throats and claim to "not love the person anymore." I don't believe in the term "falling out of love" because you either love someone or you don't. If you truly love someone, you make it work with that person and stick it out through the good and bad times, no matter what. Unless your life is in danger or the person is just truly a jerk, you work it out and stay together. I have been guilty of not living up to that and have had the other person in my life decide they don't want to make it work. Relationships are difficult and sometimes can be complex but either you love the person or you don't People don't just magically fall out of love, they just stop trying It's still the same person you originally met but people seem to think that you can only love someone if they are who you want them to be instead of who they actually are.

I guess what I'm trying to say is let's have a lot more love and really try to make relationships work and if they're not working, try something different. Whatever it takes with the exception of cheating, lying or killig. If you're in a relationship, really take a long look at the person you're with and ask yourself, "Do I really love this person?" "Do I know what truly loving someone means?" and "Do I have what it takes to make this work, no matter what?" There's enough hate in the world...let's add a lot more love and drown the hate.

Be loving this weekend to everyone you know; even to people you don't know.

Pray for each other as I pray for you.

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