Wednesday, March 04, 2009

"Hello, 911? I need help. Wendy's ran out of vanilla Frosties and I need an officer down here now!"

Absurd, huh? Well then you'll really think this is bizarre. A woman in Fort Pierce, Florida, dialed 911 three times on Feb. 28 when McDonald's ran out of chicken McNuggets. The woman ordered a 10-piece and, when the restaurant ran out, she become upset. They offered to give her a McDouble but she was having none of that. To add to the insult, the restaurant refused to give the woman a refund because it isn't their policy to do so. After calling 911 three times, an officer was finally sent down. The woman was charged for misusing 911.

A similar incident happened in early February when a man called 911 after a Burger King in Boynton Beach stopped serving lemonade. You just can't enjoy a chicken combo meal with no lemonade. He was also charged with misusing 911.

I guess that means next time I want a strawberry shake from McDonald's and they tell me the strawberry machine isn't working, but the vanilla one is just fine, I shouldn't call 911 to complain and demand that they send a unit.



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coffee said...

i say bravo to the 911 McNugget lady -- finally somebody's fighting back against that dastardly fast food industry, which is set on destroying us with their addictive, tasty trans fats and dollar menus...