Thursday, March 19, 2009

My March Madness Message

Basketball, schmasketball....I couldn't care less about the sport and I wouldn't know Allen Iverson or LeBron James if I tripped over them nor do I have the faintest idea of what the difference is between a point guard and a power forward. I do know, however, that this time of year is my absolute favorite time. For most of the week so far we've had beautiful, clear and sunny skies; the kind of skies I like to just point my face toward and soak in the natural vitamin D of the sun.

It's great to be alive. Life is beautiful and should never be taken for granted or thrown away. I'm writing this with the tragic accident of Natasha Richardson fresh in my mind. She was an extremely talented and beautiful, Tony award winning actress who was sadly never nominated for an Academy award. I heard about her fall while skiing and then heard the news she was in a hospital in NY. I was away from a computer for a few hours on Wednesday and then when I went online and saw that she had passed, I was shocked. It is just one more piece of evidence that life is fleeting and should be appreciated and lived fully each day.

Natasha will be missed! Prayers and heartfelt wishes to her family.



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