Sunday, January 08, 2012

Poem: Deep


The smell of your breath is so intoxicating;

cigarettes and whiskey combined with my natural scent.

The taste of your body sends me into ecstasy.

I recall the passion and intimacy of the night before.

It is morning now and I lay here pleasurably spent.

I look over at your peaceful and beautiful state of repose.

I watch you as your breaths go in and then come back out

and am awed at the fact that such a beauteous being could be

right here, right now in my bed laying next to me.

So happy am I that the words I LOVE YOU I am so eager to shout.

I’ve been touched by you in ways I could only ever dream of.

I’ve been taught things by you I never thought I would learn.

I’m already in so deep as far as you are concerned and cannot see,

I cannot see any signs that I won’t continue to fall deeper and deeper.

I thank the heavens above for this amazing love that does so brightly burn.

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