Sunday, January 08, 2012

Poems: Tragedy & Work Of Art


Our bleeding and broken hearts stain the cream colored carpets

as one memory after another is expelled leaving an emotional trail…

of wreckage.

Once the love and fire we had for each other was uncontrollable,

But no more, now that love and fire has grown harshly bitter and stale.

But there is hope on the horizon, the sun will rise on us again.

Amidst this pain and brokenness, we'll find ourselves back...

in each other's arms

Trust will be restored and the love will be revealed again. This time,

it will be deeper and more fulfilling as we find ourselves back on track.

Work Of Art

One look from your eyes and my heart beats excitedly.

One caress from your hand and my pulse quickly races.

One kiss from your lips and my knees fall weakly to the floor.

I melt at your touch and fall captive to your warm embraces.

Why hasn’t a lover told you these things before?

Why hasn’t one marveled at your incredible beauty, sexiness and passion?

It seems so odd to think that I am actually the first

to proclaim that for me you are always in fashion.

I will be honest: There are times you frustrate me to no end.

I sometimes want to just grab you, kiss you and yell chill.

At times your uptightness just simply puts me off.

None of that matters, however, as I continue to love you still.

Your beauty is more overwhelming to me than a million stars.

Your gentle touch calms me more than could the bluest waters.

Your scent is more fragrant than even the most redolent flowers.

Your body is more magnificent than even the most breathtaking vistas.

Your hands have more skill than even the most accomplished potter.

Even the most luscious fruit cannot match the taste of your lips.

Your eyes are more piercing than even the sharpest dagger.

Your love is fuller than the most colorful flower garden in the summer.

I thank God each day for you, a masterpiece, a gift

You love me unconditionally as I do you beautiful

You let me take care of you day in and day out

Your pleasure never ever ceases to bring me joy.

No matter what time passes, I’ll never stop loving and wanting you

For me, my feelings will remain the same. They cannot be changed.

To my eyes you will ever always be the epitome of pure beauty,

For me, your loving arms will always be my home.

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