Friday, December 30, 2011

Poem: Your Love

Your Love

I experienced things with you I that I never, ever, in my dreams

thought I would have the extreme pleasure of doing.

I was introduced to your charming yet complex world.

Your love took me deeper into that world I was intent on pursuing.

It beckoned me as I delved deeper and deeper inside

and I grew ever so closer, closer to the real you.

I found you intriguing and so easy to be in love with.

This love, your love, was the real thing and so true.

You showed me things that opened me up in new ways,

things that made me richer, fuller, happier and more complete.

These things taught me so many new ideas about myself.

Your love filled me with joy from my head to my feet.

With you I had the freedom to be just myself.

I never had to worry about being judged or rejected.

I was able to talk about anything in the world.

Your love meant me never having to feel dejected.

The life I had with you was full of promise and joy and wonder.

Each day spent with you was even better than the day before.

Our days and nights were always filled with laughter.

Having your love meant I would never need anything more.

Now that rich and beautiful life is over, gone with the wind.

The laughter has long since faded and the joy has vanished too.

I always believed that love would be enough to get us through the day.

Never again will I have a love like your love: One so refreshing and so true.

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