Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Poem: Soaring/Drowning


The words you sing to me make me soar higher than a cloud.

Your touch makes me fly over and beyond the moon.

Your laughter fills me up with such elation.

One look from your beautiful brown eyes and I easily swoon.

Your caress soothes me when I’m scared

Your whispers in my ear fill me with gladness.

Your lips send electricity shooting through me.

Your presence in my life takes away all the sadness.

Whatever will I do if you go away?

How will I get by without you in my life?

What will I do when I don’t have your constant presence?

How will I survive this pain that cuts like a knife?

Yes, mistakes were made on both our parts.

However, we should not lose sight of the important goals.

Giving each other our true love and devotion each day.

Loving each other day and night with our hearts and souls.

When I see you again, I know nothing for me will have changed.

All I can hope is that when you see me you see the love I still have in my eyes

And embrace me with those strong arms while kissing me with those lovely lips

And letting me know that no more will we say our goodbyes.

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