Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Poem: In The Clouds

Throughout the day, at every turn, I see your face,
that sweet beautiful face that holds those beckoning brown eyes.
I feel safe and sound in those big strong arms,
the ones that hold me in tight, impenetrable ties.

I dream of those red, tantalizing lips, the ones that taste so sweet.
They haunt me and taunt me day and night.
I think of touching your body all over, everywhere
sweetly, gently, hungrily and making you feel so right.

Your laugh delights me and makes me smile.
Your truth is so refreshing and a blessing to me.
I am heartened by your kindness, gentleness and compassion,
the way I react to your electric touch is plain to see.

Each and every day that comes holds for me a goal,
the goal of loving, holding, supporting and caring for you.
So, my love, I hope you know, this day and everyday,
about you I am crazy and for you I'll be true.

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