Tuesday, August 21, 2007

weekly post from August 19, 2007

Hello my friends & loved ones,

I was at a bar several weeks back and made a fool of myself. How? Well, I had had one too many glasses of white zin and started making a scene with someone at the bar. It was foolish, idiotic, and totally not who I usually am. Thankfully I haven't found myself starring in a video on youtube.

Youtube is my favorite site; I can spend hours watching videos on that site. It's somewhat addicting. People put anything and everything up there. Very few clips are truly funny but most of them are head shakers. What the hell was that person thinking, anyway? Oh, wait, they weren't. Kind of like my scene in the bar.

We live in an age where just about every phone you see comes equipped with a camera. Many people don't even think twice about taking pictures, even if YOU might be in it. And watch out if there's a fight or someone committing a crime or a highway accident or a bridge collapsing (see the clip someone took of the bridge in Minnesota collapsing). It gives new meaning to the phrase, "Smile, you're on candid camera." It's hard to know who's around with a camera. I offer this to you as someone who is thinking their lucky stars that, so far, I haven't seen a clip of me at my "best" in a gay bar making one hell of a scene.

I was inspired to write about this topic by a story I saw on Keith Olbermann's show this week. Yes, I've often talked about "my" Keith. I'd meet him in a heartbeat. His sense of humor is very similar to mine and he's entertaining and he reports the news.

So, to repeat an oft heard phrase from the 80's show Hill Street Blues, 'Let's be careful out there.'
Stay safe, stay happy, and stay healthy.



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