Thursday, January 31, 2008

This & That Thursday

Playing President: Well, Giuliani and Edwards have bitten the dust. Romney, McCain, Clinton & Obama are still kicking it. It's shaping up to be McCain and either Clinton or Obama. Probably Clinton. I honestly believe that in a match up with McCain, the Dems don't stand a chance. That's just my opinion and it comes not from pessimism but from a reality check. McCain has the conservative base which came out in full force in the last two Presidential elections. Clinton is a woman and that will put off more than just a few voters. I don't even think she'll get the woman vote; Obama is more likely to get that vote.

Music Man: The album that I'm currently playing to death is a CD from last year. James Blunt's second release, All The Lost Souls. I liked his first CD, Back To Bedlam, but I'm still really enjoying this CD. In fact, after playing it over and over when it first came out, I picked it up again and am currently giving it a second life. My ears are thanking me.

It's still winter and the weather in Western, NY is still crummy. Enjoy the little cracks of sun that we get now and again.



Only 24 more days till the Oscars!!!!

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