Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hunter becomes hunted

Deer season has started and fellows (and ladies) let's be careful out there. There have been so many stories of hunters being shot by their buddies (hello, Cheney) that it's ridiculous. Now there's a new danger to contend with; your kill striking back.

In Missouri, a hunter was nearly maimed to death by a 9-point, 240lb buck after he shot it twice. Randy Goodman used his .270-caliber rifle to kill the horned beast and was probably thinking about how proud his buddies would be as he approached the seemingly dead animal. Once Goodman reached Bambi's father, the deer jumped up and struck Goodman with an antler before trying to escape. Two more shots did the trick; for real this time. Goodman recalls the moment as "15 second of hell". He not only got bragging rights but also paid for it with a concussion, bruises and 7 new staples in his thick head. No word on whether he needed new underpants.



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