Friday, July 10, 2009


Just when you thought you'd heard of everything, something new and unexpected comes along. This fall, in National Harbor, Maryland, a new store will open called Peeps & Co. No, it's not a cousin of Hooters, nor does it feature scantily clad women. Instead the scantily clad items will be peeps. Yes, those lovable (and squishy) marshmallow delights will have their own store. Other items such Hot Tamales and Mike & Ikes will also be available but the main attraction will be those multi-colored bunnies. There will even be Peeps dressed as the Village People and Peep pens will be sold.

Hey, why stop at the Village People? Why not Wolverine or Spock peeps? How about peeps dressed as Britney Spears? Oooh, Simon Cowell peeps. Now that's one peep a number of people would love to take a bite out of!



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