Friday, July 31, 2009

Sand Swiper

Oh, please, say it ain't so...Some silly's been stealing the sand again and it has tourists in Cancun seeing, not white, but red. Yes, hundreds of feet of Mexico's white hot beach was cordoned off with police tape on Thursday because one of the beach's hotels was using a pump to siphon sand from the sea floor. The hotel in trouble is the Gran Caribe Real Hotel and the charges allege that they were illegally pumping sand and also built a breakwater which prevents sand from getting to the other hotels. In 2005, after hurrican Wilma, Mexico spent $19 million, yes, million dollars to replace the sand lost in the aftermath of the storm.

Let this be a warning to those with the little glass jars who want to take a little piece of paradise home with them...DON'T!



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