Thursday, August 12, 2010

An Amazing Aussie Adventure-Day 2

Last night was pretty uneventful. Went to Woolworth's to do some shopping. Woolworths (not to be confused with the American Woolworth's) is a massive supermarket, in fact, it's the largest supermarket chain in Australia. It's also known as Woolies, kind of like Wegman's is known as Weggies.

I neglected to mention during the jaunt around downtown Sydney, we saw some Aborignines playing didgeridoos. Cool instrument and the guys were even talking through it; saying thank you to people who put donations in their jars. If I get another chance, I will have my picture taken with one of them.

Today I walked around Earlwood and just looked around in a number of different shops; not buying, just browsing. I can't get over the currency. They don't have paper money for $1 and $2 (instead they use coins for these and the $2 coin is actually smaller than the $1 coin).

Early this morning around 6, it was raining a bit then it stopped and the sun came out. By late afternoon it had become overcast again. The high got up to about 62 degrees.

That's about it for today. This weekend sometime, I'll be attending a birthday party in which they will be "laying down a hungi" which I'm very much looking forward to. I promised the first round of pics would be up sometime on Friday (in Rochester time) and I will hold true to that.

I hope everyone is well.



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