Sunday, August 15, 2010

An Amazing Australian Adventure-Days 3-6

So, as the adventure down under continues, I've been lucky enough to experience some wonderful things so far. I was honored to be invited to a birthday party this past weekend with some native New Zealanders. A hangi feast was prepared with some truly delicious dishes and fabulous desserts. My favorite was the steak (a specific kind to Australians called wooky or something like that) and the sticky date bread with syrup. Not as sweet as it sounds and not as rich either but very yummy. Everyone was so welcoming and included me in all of the conversations and made me feel like a part of the group. It was very lovely.

The same night I had dinner with a couple of Brian's friends. The one, Michael, is a complete hoot. He is outspoken, flamboyant and very very warm and genuine....Could have used some time with him when preparing for my role in The Boys In The Band...Afterwards, we went to a dance bar called The Midnight Shift (think The Bachelor Forum with a multicultural feel and a dance floor).

Sunday, I went to the MCC church in Granville; Good Shepherd. Very welcoming community with a nice mixture of GLBT people as well as straight allies. In addition to the keyboard, they have drums and an electric cello. I was made to feel very comfortable and will be blessed to have the opportunity to sing during next week's service.

This week we'll be visiting the Blue Mountains and walking through the Featherdale Wildlife Park. I'm determined to have my picture taken with a kangaroo (even though I am told they are smelly, nasty creatures) and a koala bear (which really is not a bear...discuss amongst yourselves). They don't call it a koala bear here, they just say a koala.

I hope wherever you are today, you are having an adventure of your own....

To be continued....



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