Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Australian Adventures-Day 1

So, I arrived in Sydney at about 7:25 on Wed. morning (Sydney is 14 hours ahead of NY) so Rochesterians were just thinking about being done working for the day. Two things I neglected to pack: White socks and some sort of jacket (it is still winter here for about another month and a half). Thankfully today was up to 18 celsius (or about 60 degrees fahrenheit but it felt cooler thanks to the chilly wind). The city is HUGE (take that Billy Fuccillo) and it's so weird driving on the left side of the road and having the steering wheel on the right side of the car.

Today we walked a good bit of downtown Sydney, went up to the Sydney Skytower (similar to the one in Rochester) and looked at the city.....just miles and miles and miles of city. We also experienced one of the food halls (think a mall food court that has its own zip code) in the Sydney Downtown Plaza. We saw the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Glebe Island Bridge, among other things. We had a couple from Las Vegas take our picture in front of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and she said it best about the cost of living in Sydney: The dollar is worth more than the American dollar but you need two of them to buy something for each US dollar.

For lunch Brian had Moroccan Chicken with chickpeas and I had roast lamb rump with lentil salad. Good food but it's weird because we ordered at the bar and were given a number to put on our table which was taken when the order was brought out. No one ever came over to ask how our meal was and we left without tipping. Apparently, in Australia, you don't tip and you don't usually have someone come over to refill your water, ask how your food is, etc.....Odd!

This evening we are going to one of the supermarkets. I've taken a ton of pics already and will definitely have the first album up on FB by Friday (your Friday, not my Friday).

More later.



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