Saturday, January 13, 2007

quote of the week

President Bush wants to deploy 20,000 more troops to Iraq and now he wants to use some of those troops to capture Iranian and Syrian insurgents. So far no word that those troops will actually cross over into Iran or Syria but on Countdown With Keith Olbermann this past week, Olbermann issued a scathing comment about Bush and the legacy his presidency will surely leave. I'm a big fan of Keith and Keith is a fan of the truth (unlike Bill O'Reilly who just likes the sound of his own voice). A quote from Olbermann's comment. "....And to Iran and Syria and, yes, to the insurgents in Iraq, we must look like a country run by the equivalent of the drunken pest who gets battered to the floor of the saloon by one punch then staggers to his feet and shouts at the other guys' friends, "Ok, which one of you is next?""

Bush has no clue as to how to extract our troops from this mess and that is a problem and I'll be surprised if this is resolved before he takes his final steps from the White House in 2009.

Continue to pray for our troops.



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