Thursday, September 04, 2008

Back to school

Well, school is back in session and I recently had the experience of school supply shopping....complete with a detailed (and I might mention, long) list of things that each child needs. The list is broken down by grade and it's no wonder parents (especially parents with multiple children) get uptight as school draws closer; because they have to spend hundreds (not making that part up) on school clothes AND school supplies. It's a new day for schoolchildren. I remember growing up and we bought pens, pencils, folders and that was pretty much it. Today you have to buy EVERYTHING from glue sticks to storage bags; from highlighters and crayons to scissors and index cards. It's true what they say; schools don't provide much anymore (sadly, not even a very good education) with all the cutbacks and school closings. So, parents, I feel your pain but just think-once those kids grow up and get a good paying job they can continue to support you in the lifestyle you should be living.


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