Thursday, September 04, 2008

Convention Critic

Today is the last day of the Republican National Convention and, having watched a lot of it and most of the Democratic National Convention, I thought I would offer up a few comments.

First of all, I really enjoyed Hillary's speech at the DNC, however, her orange pantsuit was not a good fashion statement. I am still sadly disappointed that she was not chosen to be Obama's running mate but, hey, maybe in four years something good will happen; you never know.

I thought that Obama's speech at the DNC was as smooth as all of his other speeches and I think he offered up a lot of rhetoric and made a lot of promises that he is going to be unable to keep.

As for the RNC, well, even the President stayed away and that should tell people something. What, I don't know but it's a sad day when the man in the White House can't even make a live appearance at his own party's convention. Par for the course I say.

Last night's speeches were vitriolic and mean-spirited; especially Giuliani's speech ripping into Obama. I think he's still bitter because he didn't have enough oomph to get the party's nomination so he's taking it out on the Dems; why not?

And, finally, the speech EVERYONE was waiting for: The speech by VP hopeful Sarah Palin. First of all let me just say this-she isn't a bad speaker and when I'm not distracted by how much she looks like Elaine from Seinfeld, I actually listen to her and she is similar to Obama in her speech. After hearing her speak, I thought, it wasn't bad but what did she really say? And I'm going to be blunt but inexperience was written all over her last night. She can give a good speech but I can see how green she is and that's not someone I would like to see in the VP position. And, by the way, what is with the names of her children? Her daughters' names are Willow, Piper and Bristol and her sons' names are Track and Trig. Odd.

Well, what I'm looking forward to now are the debates and I'm sure I'll have plenty to say after those too.

Until then...



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