Thursday, September 18, 2008

weekly post from September 14, 2008

Hello friends & loved ones,

Autumn is in the air. In fact, in a mere 8 days it will officially be the fall season. The leaves are already turning at an alarmingly fast rate and the air has the coolness that is only associated with the Sept-Dec. months. It's hard to believe that in only 140 days it will be a new year and only one more year until the next decade. Where does the time go?

Earlier this year I was raving about getting braces in the year 2008 and get them I did. I've had them for about four months now and, believe it or not, I've actually noticed a difference in both my upper and lower teeth. What's more (and even more gratifying) my dentist has noticed the difference as well. In the scheme of things it's still early (I'll be wearing them until at least next May) but I'm so excited by the movement thus far that I spend even more time than ever studying myself in the mirror.

Well as I sign off on this "way overdue" weekly email I want to wish each of you the best, happiness and much laughter in your life. Believe you me, life is way too short to take it seriously and to forget what is truly important in life. I continue to pray for each and every one of you even though I have not done an email in a long time. Each of you remain in my daily thoughts and prayers.

Continue to pray for one another as I pray for each of you every day.



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Anonymous said...

I agree. The DVD is at points SAD.
Great blog. dave