Thursday, May 17, 2007

idiots of the week

This past week's results show of American Idol offered a major shocker. Although, apparently, the oddsmakers had the result already predicted. Melinda Doolittle, the 29-year-old backup singer, was ousted and therefore finished third in the competition for the next great singer. Melinda consistently, week after week, mopped the floor with the other contestants. She did have a few missteps but nothing earth shattering; one can't be totally perfect all the time. People say she'll do fine; I don't doubt that. But she should have been the winner. I blame myself for not voting for her and I'm theorizing that many people (like myself) thought she'd just breeze through to the final two and didn't vote. I blame those people (myself included) and I blame the people who instead voted for Blake or Jordin. Melinda is in a class by herself. Many American Idols who DIDN'T win have gone on to big things. Jennifer Hudson is one and one other one is Chris Daughtry. Daughtry finished fourth last season and has outsold and outpopularized last year's winner Taylor, um, Taylor, oh, yeah, Taylor Hicks. Daughtry's album isn't bad at all and while Melinda will almost certainly have a big career ahead of her, I do have an anticlimactic feeling for next week's finale. My spouse and I have already vowed to vote for Blake over and over and over and over again. Not because we really like him or really hate Jordin but because Jordin will almost certainly get Melinda's votes and Blake has been more creative and better than Jordin. Anyone who can make a remake of "You Give Love A Bad Name" almost as good as the original has my vote for the finale. Whatever happens with Melinda, I'll buy any album she makes in a heartbeat. Melinda, you went too soon (I'm sorry for not trying) but you'll always be loved.



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