Sunday, May 27, 2007

weekly post from May 26, 2007

Hello friends & loved ones,

Happy Memorial Day! I pray that each of you is able to enjoy the weather, family, friends and good times this weekend.

Recently Jim and I were thinking of a friend that Jim had known for a while. I was able to meet him once, shortly after Jim and I met. I don't know what made me think of this guy but I started wondering whatever happened to him. The guy, Kirk, lived in NYC and during the time that Jim knew him, Kirk would kind of disappear. Before he left after visiting us, he said, "Don't be surprised if I disappear." This was back in 2000. We did some research and tried to pin down some contact information and came across a page that listed some people who had committed suicide. Kirk's name was on that list. His last name isn't very common and, yes, it could have been a different Kirk but the age, location and description matches the guy I met back in 2000.

It's very disturbing. I've had suicidal thoughts in my past and many people have them and some even go the next step, however, life is just too precious. There are so many beautiful things and people in the world that I cannot imagine not wanting to experience those things. It brings me to another point: Holding on to those friends and loved ones in our lives. I've been guilty of losing touch with people when life gets busy and things are happening but that's no excuse. It's something I'm currently working on to become better at. One never knows when that friend, loved one, or family member will no longer be with us.

So this weekend reconnect with just one person that's been in your life; maybe someone you haven't talked to in a while. It could be the impetus for a whole new direction in your life.



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