Friday, May 25, 2007

rant of the week

Well, here I am ranting again over something else. Wait, did I ever stop ranting? I don't think so because I'm still ranting about the fact that Melinda "mon cheri" Doolittle was prematurely voted off American Idol and didn't take the crown. Jordin Schmordin, I couldn't care less about her.

Well I'm ranting about something else too. This past week two things happened to spur this vitriol. I don't care to go into the details of the events but instead of shooting a cannonball through certain people, I'm instead spewing my venom toward the safety of the computer screen.

I've heard a lot of gossip in my short time on earth and, honestly, 98% of it has been false and hurtful as well. People gossip because they are too lazy to go to the source to find out the truth; most of the times it's not even close to as juicy as the fabricated story. I'm sick of gossip and if I sound sanctimonious and holier than thou well I am. I shut gossip down faster than a chemical plant with a leak shuts down. It makes my blood boil especially when it's close to home. It's so sad that people who should be out enjoying their own life have to make up things about other people. And it's sad that people listen and not even have the decency to check with the source.

Ok, I'm done. Enjoy the weekend.



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