Friday, May 18, 2007

on the radio

Who says there's nothing good on the radio? Here's a few songs I'm enjoying on the dial.

The latest single from Diddy's album press play is called "Last Night." It's a thumping good time song about tortured love.

Maroon 5's first single from their new album, It Won't Be Soon Before Long, is called "Makes Me Wonder." It's a harsh song about a man who wonders if the love he shared with his other was even worth the trouble. It's got a fun beat though and the studio version is much better than the live performance that was recently seen on American Idol.

Another first single, Linkin Park's "What I've Done" from their Minutes To Midnight cd, is about repentance and starting over. It's a bit different from their previous stuff but still stirring.

This next song is from the early 1990's but I recently heard it on satellite radio and had to rush and order the cd. It's a song from Aoife Clancy, a female Irish folk singer. The song is called "Go Lassie Go" and I know there are other versions of the song but I've only heard this one and I like it; a lot.

On the other side of the dial are two songs I'm really sick of. The first one is called "Smile" by Lily Allen. I kind of liked this song when I heard it the first few times but I've just heard one time too many. If I never hear it again that will be fine.

The other one is Avril Lavigne's new one called "Girlfriend." I have liked some of Lavigne's stuff in the past but this one is annoying, irritating, and migraine causing. Shut up already!



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