Monday, July 02, 2007

AA vacation, Day 4, Part 2

After getting checked in and taking a brief nap, Jim and I met up with a couple from the church and decided to go tooling around Scottsdale for a restaurant. We drove around for about 20minutes before finally deciding on an Italian restaurant called Arrivederci. It was really Italian and really good food. I had cannelloni di carne. I didn't have dessert but I did try an Tuaca which is kind of like a scotch drink. I was going to try grappa but Jim said that a diesel engine could run on grappa so I decided not to chance it.......this time.

So far I'm really enjoying Arizona. I'm used to the heat and I'm not even sweating. I also saw, for the first time ever, not one, but two dust devils. One crossed right in front of us. So cool!

Now I'm going for a short swim in the pool and lounge in the jacuzzi for a bit.

More tomorrow.


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