Monday, July 02, 2007

AA vacation, Day 5, Part 1

This morning when we woke up we were having such a relaxing morning; Jim at the computer, me still half sleeping in bed until I heard Jim yell, "Ewwwww!" I asked him what it was and when he didn't say anything I looked over and saw a cockroach on its back. Apparently Jim picked it up thinking he had dropped something and felt "all legs" as he said. The resort must spray because the cockroach was dying but still alive. Jim threw it out our room door and later when we stepped out, we saw that something had eaten it. All that was left were the wings. We were also surprised to see a covey of chukkah quail.

We went out to have breakfast; actually Jim ate and I had orange juice. Then we went to a grocery store called Basha's. In Arizona we are able to buy wine and hard liquor at the same store we shop for our groceries. Convenient.

After that we went back to the resort to register for the conference. I told Jim I wanted to be very early but we got there at about 8:30. Registration started at 8. It probably wouldn't have made much difference as it seemed that people had started lining up before 8. We spent two and a half hours in line to register. There was a meltdown with the computers with the info in them and they had to manually enter everyone's name to make the tags.

We are chilling a bit now and will have our first meeting at 1. Right now in pretty Arizona it is 100 degrees. I just can't get over the landscape here. Lots of open fields with cacti, bushes, palm trees, and sand. I really like cacti; they are just wonderful plants. Apparently birds can sit on them without hurting themselves and we even saw one with a bird's nest inside.

I'm off for a quick snooze.

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