Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday This & That

Take A Picture...A recent study from Florida State University has shown that while men and women take long looks at attractive people of the opposite sex, they also let their looks linger on attractive people of the SAME sex.

442 people (all straight, by the way) filled out questionnaires to figure out how they seek out the opposite sex and then were show photos of men and women that were attractive and then average-looking men and women.

After a picture was shown on one side of the computer, they were told to look away but with the pictures of attractive men and women the looks lasted for a few seconds too long and more than likely, in real life those looks would probably be bordering on ogling. And lest you think those men and women were just looking at the opposite sex, they weren't.

So my straight friends, next time you are out with your woman (or man) and someone of the same sex is checking you out, it's all good and doesn't mean a thing-except that you're HOT!!!!

Sheriff says sorry: A Hillsborough County Sheriff has apologized to the quadriplegic who was dumped from his wheelchair (I previously posted a link to the video) after he was picked up on a charge of fleeing and attempting to elude police. Apparently the guy can drive and, according to the video, move his leg. The Sheriff who dumped him did not believe that the man was a quadriplegic.



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