Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just for fun

Just read a 224-word palindrome poem by a writer named Demetri Martin. The title, "Dammit, I'm mad". Look it up on the web. I'm mad too that I can't write even a one line palindrome so I thought I'd start out simpler with a few limericks. These were all written by moi.

There was a man named Paulie,
Who really liked the word golly.
He went to town one day,
muttering on the way
and came back with some cheap Stoli.

A craving of ice is really nice,
but that wouldn't be my only vice.
And though I wouldn't choose
to drink without my shoes,
I'd like a chance at rolling the dice.

From whence I came I do not know.
To where I go it will not snow.
I am not lost at sea,
nor am I in Jersey.
But my heart is in Mexico.



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