Thursday, February 19, 2009

What A Record!

I'm not sure I'd be proud to have my name in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the most married person in the country but a woman from Indiana does hold that distinction. The woman, born Linda Lou Taylor and now known as Linda Wolfe, probably has Erica Kane from All My Children beat with the number of marriages she's racked up-23.

Her marriages include weddings to a preacher, convict, bartenders, homeless men, two gay men and a wife beater. Her first marriage was in 1957 (at just 16-years old) and her last was in 1996 as part of a publicity stunt. The man she married was the most married man in the country, Taylor was his 29th wife. Sadly, he died a few days shy of their one-year anniversary. One man she even married three times and, not to be outdone by Britney Spears, was married to one man for a mere 36 hours, 19 hours less than Britney and Jason Allen Alexander. Her longest marriage-7 years. Guess she took the term 7-year itch to heart.

Taylor, who now uses the surname of Wolfe, says she would get married again. Why not? Go for 30.

Congrats Wolfe for getting into the Book.



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