Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rotten Remakes

There are very few remakes that I truly enjoy and it never ceases to amaze me the songs that are being remade. Is it so a new audience can enjoy the song? Why not just have the original artist do a remix of the original. It doesn't even have to be a major makeover, just a re-tweaking. There are two songs that are now out in remake form. The first one went to #3 in 1988 and was sung by actor Patrick Swayze with help from Wendy Fraser. The song was "She's Like The Wind" and was from the big blockbuster soundtrack Dirty Dancing which was from the movie of the same name. Now female artist Lumidee (aka Lumidee Cedeno) has remade the song and given it more of an R&B/hip hop sound to it. It's not good; in fact I'd much prefer to hear the plaintive sound of Swayze over this ridiculous redo. By the way, Lumidee was only 3 years old when the original peaked on the chart.

The second song that has gotten the update treatment was a #1 hit from 1998 called "Truly Madly Deeply" by the group Savage Garden. There aren't a lot of ballads (treacly drivel) that I would listen to over and over but this is one of them. It's Darren Hayes's feeling and emotion and smooth falsetto that I enjoy, not to mention the words. Well now the German group, Cascada, has remade the song and given it a dance beat. It's awful and I like dance music. Cascada had a modest hit last year with "Everytime We Touch", the video of which was also shown on the Logo station.

If you hear these songs and want to share your opinion then let me know.



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