Monday, April 30, 2007

weekly post from April 28, 2007

Hello friends & loved ones,

Another week is behind us and here in Western, NY it's a gray and dreary day. A good day for just staying in bed all day. I didn't but don't feel guilty if YOU do.

It's so nice waking up each morning to the chittering and tittering of the birds. Each bird has different songs and I will just lay in bed listening to their singing. Also when we go out and walk the dog we can hear them singing throughout the day and into the evening. It's as if they are just joyous all the time. They never seem to tire of singing even on a gray day like today. If only us humans could be like our feathered friends. We get tired, depressed, worn down and don't feel like talking let alone singing. We let outside things affect us; the weather, economy, war until we seem to have no more left to give of ourselves. We need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves and building ourselves up so we can share our songs with others who might never hear one; so we can share ourselves with others who may not have anyone else in their lives.

So as you go about your weekend make sure you sing your song. Sing loud and remember the person who hears you singing may be the person who needs to hear it the most.

And as always stay safe, stay happy, and stay healthy.



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