Saturday, April 07, 2007

weekly post from April 1, 2007

Hello friends & loved ones,

Spring is here and the snow is gone. For the most part the snow is gone; there are some clumps that are hanging around and refuse to melt away so easily. I truly enjoy watching our bird feeders. Luckily we have birds pretty much all year round. I never tire of seeing how busy they are and how they cavort and fight and eat and make messes. It's very similar to us in our own lives. We play, work, gather, and, yes, fight. What we need to remember is that when we fight or have a disagreement we are still a family. We should remember not to let the words or anger or frustration get in the way of what's important. All different types of birds compete for the bird seed; some are bossier and more aggressive than others but they still all hunger for the same thing and they still gather together for their sustenance. Likewise we all come from diverse backgrounds and we all hunger for the same things; love, acceptance, a sense of value and worth. If we go around fighting with each other that will only make our lives more miserable and disconcerted. We never know how long we have so instead of fighting and pushing and pulling each other, let's try some peace and show each other acceptance and kindness; even to those we find it most difficult to express those things to. Try it and you might find yourself lighter and feeling better as you go through your day. Surprise someone with an act of love or kindness.

My new favorite website is youtube. I used to just watch one or two clips every now and then and wasn't really that interested in the website but now I'm up to several clips a day. In fact I'm in the middle of watching one as I type this. There are some clever and funny clips on there and I've become kind of obsessed with it. I'm blaming it all on Keith Olbermann because he's always showing funny and jaw dropping clips on his show. It's all his fault.

Until next week: Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay happy.

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