Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bringing the tricks & treats back

For the town of Oil City, PA, this Halloween will be the first festive one in a long time. Sixteen years ago an 11-year-old girl was abducted and murdered and that began a long dry spell for trick or treating after dark. Yes, it was banned.

The only way this was going to be overturned was by the will of a child and that's exactly what happened. Fifth-grader Elizabeth Ross got all the necessary signatures, essayed her argument and spent an (exhausting, I'm sure) entire two months trying to get City Council to bring back nighttime trick or treating. Well, it worked. (However, I would like to know how involved her parents were in the City Council part).

Yes, some people are still skittish and will be taking extra precautions to protect their children; including tethering them (perfectly safe, I assure you). There will also be extra policemen out (a whole 7 instead of 4), extra security guards and some crossing guards too because if all else fails you can always use the huge STOP sign as a weapon to deter criminals.

Seriously, though, I do hope the town of Oil City has a blast tomorrow night and that no one takes the fun out of the "poor man's Christmas."



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