Friday, October 03, 2008

weekly post from September 26, 2008

Hello my friends & loved ones:

I'm sitting here in my office (thankfully I still have one, especially after last week's bombshell at the company) on my lunch break with the beautiful September sun shining at my back while the music pounds in my ears and I'm thinking how grateful I am for so many people and things. And that started the idea to write about this week's topic: Enjoying life.

It sounds so simple, I know but so many people go through life with no enjoyment. I'm not saying that we should all aspire to be Mary Poppins 24-hours a day; no one can do that, although it is possible to come close. What I'm talking about is enjoying the people, pleasures and daily activities that life brings our way each and every day. This includes being thankful, truly thankful for the loved ones and friends we have been blessed with. I will admit that I'm not the best at always staying in touch but I do try to do my best everyday. I can also appreciate the many beautiful things that surround me each day and find joy and laughter in just about everything. It's not an easy task if one is not used to doing it but it can be done and once you get in the habit, it becomes easier and you'll find you get more out of life. It is true what they say, 'Laughter is good for the soul.' I think that's what's wrong with so many people; they don't laugh (or smile) enough. Yes, life can be difficult and people can truly suck sometimes, however, it's what you make of this life that counts. What matters is how you treat others, the good you do, how passionately you love, the joy you try to bring to others, the smiles you share with those who aren't smiling, the truth you strive for, the honesty you strive for each day, the positive attitude you allow to permeate your soul and the laughter you elicit from others. The importance of each of the above are what should be stressed each day.

As I sit here, continuing to write and share these thoughts with you I'm thinking of how good it feels to be back sharing myself and letting each of you into my heart, mind and soul. It can be difficult to share and open up to someone, especially if the other person won't or can't do the same. It becomes troubling when someone you love doesn't share in your daily enthusiasm, passion and love. Where does one go from there? How much does one try to break through to someone before giving up? These are the thoughts I have roaming through my head on this cool, sunny and crisp September day.

Wherever you are today, I hope that you are praying for each other as I pray for each of you (even if you don't think you are a blip on my radar; I know who I'm writing to).

Stay safe, stay happy and stay healthy.



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