Friday, October 03, 2008

VP voices

So, who really won the VP debate that aired last night? Does it really matter? Yes and no. No, because we're not technically voting for the VP and yes because I believe that the answers and attitudes of the VPs can have some effect on the running mate.

Between Sarah "gosh darn" Palin and Joe "bridge to nowhere" Biden I believe that Biden had the edge and took the debate. Palin, however, didn't do too badly except when she kept dodging McCain's healthcare plan. Also she was blinking too much and what was with the bangs in her eyes? Did she think she was back in high school? And, I'm sorry, but all I could see whenever I looked at her was the portrayal of her by Tina Fey. While we're on the subject of looks-has Biden had some sort of plastic surgery? His eyes seem funny.

Anyway, the two discussed Iraq, the economy, taxes and even touched on same-sex marriage. The Republican party must have been sighing with relief as soon as the debate concluded, especially after the recent embarrassing interviews Palin has had which have called into question her readiness for the high office. FYI: She's not ready!!!!! And one other thing: Palin made an odd comment when she shook hands with Biden. Her remark, "Nice to meet you...Hey, can I call you Joe?" Well, that is his name. What would you want to call him, ass? (Ass is in reference to the Democratic symbol of the donkey....oh, you got it, ok.)

The only thing that would have made this debate better is if it had been Hillary in Biden's spot. Now THAT would have been riveting television. Can you imagine the viewership? Two strong women; one smart, one eh, so so, both clashing on the important issues. It would have been akin to Crystal and Alexis on Dynasty. Wow!!!

The second Presidential debate is next week and I'll be watching. Maybe McCain will actually "talk" to Obama this time...or not.



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