Monday, January 05, 2009

Rant of the week

Well, Happy New Year to all of you readers in cyber land. The streamers are barely all cleaned up and I'm already complaining about something. This time it has to do with the laziness that pervades our culture; particularly the laziness of our schoolchildren.

No matter how many buses I may get stuck behind on my way to work in the morning, I'm always annoyed and perplexed at the fact that the buses stop at almost every house in order to pick up one student at a time. Door to door service is alive and well when it comes to picking up kids for school. Is it that difficult to have kids walk a little bit in order to have ONE GENERAL PICK-UP SPOT???? No wonder most of our children are overweight, they can't even walk half a block. No, every single child has to have the bus meet them in front of their own house. And half the time they aren't even out there waiting; they're inside (yes, it is nice and warm but that's what hats and mittens are for) and the bus driver has to honk the horn and then the child has to walk, oh, no, not run but walk to the bus. A little exercise doesn't hurt; in fact, it's very beneficial as many health experts have proven time and time again.

Lay off the chips and cookies and walk a bit to A bus stop. Better yet, if you live a mile or less from school then walk to school and save the bus and us a stop or two or three.



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